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August 8, 2019

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Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush

Getting your child to brush their teeth isn’t always an easy task to accomplish. Brushing doesn’t happen overnight, but sure does happen when you get involved with a fun, healthy, dental routine with your kid! Check out some tips and pointers to make brushing and flossing teeth more engaging and rewarding, not only for your child, but for you as well!

Be Excited!

  • The more eager you are as a parent, to brush and floss your teeth, the more excited your child will be to join you! Help guide your child brush by using simple tips on how to hold the brush and to reach way in the back and the front. It is also important to demonstrate flossing on your own and your child’s teeth at a young age, at least twice a day. Although children teeth are very small and most lose food will fall out easily, it never hurts to jump ahead on developing healthy dental habits.

Find the Right Brush!

  • As simple as it sounds, let your child pick out their perfect, must-have toothbrush! Make the tooth brushing experience more memorable by allowing your child choose which toothbrush and toothpaste they would like to learn and brush with. There are many varieties of toothbrushes, including those that light up for the 2-minute brush time, favorite cartoon characters, or some that play fun musical tunes! Even if flossing is still a foreign subject, there are plenty of flossing varieties your child can choose from to make brushing and flossing more enjoyable.

Brush When They Brush!

  • Take turns brushing on each other. Instruct your child how to brush your teeth and encourage them with positive reinforcement to continue to do a great job! Make brushing with your child a friendly competition, who can brush the top and the bottom the best, way in the back and all the teeth in the front. This will help getting out of bed and ready for the day more enjoyable each morning with your child!

Reward Good Brushing

  • Along with making brushing a fun activity each day, try using a brushing chart by the bathroom sink each morning! Mark when your child brushes in the morning, at night, even as a bonus: flossing! At the end of each week, reward your child with a prize or a fun-outing of their choice! 

There are many helpful tips and techniques to getting your little one to brush. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry states that ‘one dental visit for one tooth can equal zero cavities’. That is why it is essential and highly recommended to develop a pediatric dental home for your child as the first tooth emerges. Typically the first tooth will appear shortly before the first birthday. This makes for perfect timing to establish a dental routine with your child. Schedule an appointment today or obtain more information on maintaining your child’s healthy teeth and smile for years to come, contact our office, (401) 828-1171

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