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Pediatric Dentistry

We at Rhode Island Children’s Dentistry give you the ability to have your child’s dental treatment through braces and beyond taken care of under one roof. Whether it’s anything from Invisalign to Sedation dentistry we are pleased to be able to provide the highest level of care to you and your child. Our East Greenwich, Coventry, and Narragensett locations allow us to serve you at your convenience.
Baby in pediatric dental chair

Ages 0-2

It is highly recommended that you bring your child to see a Pediatric Dentist by the age of 1 or at least 6 months after the first tooth erupts. This consultation allows us to review your child’s current dental status and get them on the right track for healthy teeth.

Ages 3-5

Now is primetime to make sure everything is on track with your child’s dental care! Around these ages your child will have all 20 of their baby teeth and we want to make sure they are clean and healthy to set your child up for a lifetime of success and smiles!
young boy in pediatric dental chair

Ages 6-12

At this age, it is important for us to make sure that your child’s mouth is healthy and developing properly. Your child is starting to lose baby teeth and the permanent teeth will start erupting.
young girl in orthodontist chair

Teens and Young Adults

Now is a great time to make sure all of your permanent teeth have erupted properly and are being kept in good health. It is also a great point at which to have a visit with our Orthodontists!
Pediatric patient taking xray

Special Needs Patients

We look forward to working with the patient and parent or guardian to make sure all of our patients needs are met and they leave having had a comfortable and enjoyable experience.