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What is the importance of an Orthodontist?

Braces - RI Children's DentistryBeing an adult and wishing I had straight teeth is a personal struggle that I wish I could have avoided. If I had a dentist like Dr. Gordon and Dr. Paquin back in the day, I would have made sure I came to every dentist appointment and had braces put on when I had the chance. Having straight and shiny teeth isn’t always about cosmetic issues; other issues can arise when certain steps to practicing good dental hygiene and taking care of orthodontic issues aren’t happening. Orthodontists help and improve your bite by correcting how your teeth fit together and how your jaws line up. For example, I’m sure most people don’t know that an over bite or even crowding of the teeth can cause issues with your digestive system? Or even clenching your teeth and grinding your teeth without even realizing it. That can cause bite issues throughout the years. Some other reasons on why to see an orthodontist would be excessive spacing, crowding of the teeth, an over bite, an under bite, and abnormal eruption where the tooth is way above the rest of the teeth. Crooked or crowded teeth, as well as overbites and underbites, can lead to tooth decay, and even tooth loss. That’s because overlapping teeth can be tough to clean. All of these issues can be fixed by an orthodontist. Normally when a patient sees the dentist, like Dr. Paquin, they will recommend what is best for the child. Act on it. As an adult I wish my parents were more adamant with taking action on what the dentist had advised with an orthodontist. Taking these early steps can help prevent tooth problems in the future or later years of development. Orthodontists play an important part in dental care and hygiene. While yes, they also help you be confident in your smile, that is just a bonus to not having dental problems later in life.

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