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Wondering How to Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy?

  • Acidic food in children’s diet ruins enamel trying to grow
  • dentist checking girls healthy teethToothpaste ideas- fluoride & whitening mix
  • After lunch floss, pack little toothbrush and mini to go paste with floss in lunch bags
  • Brush teeth to their favorite song to make it fun

I am sure most of you are all wondering what acid can actually do to your children’s teeth? Surprisingly a lot can happen when children eat acidic foods and drinks. Most people do not even realize acid is in their diet until it is too late. The best foods for a child to eat are dairy and vegetables. Such as eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, carrots, broccoli, etc. I am sure everyone hears about the myth, to brush your teeth after every meal. Well if you consume a meal that has acid in it I would recommend refraining from brushing until a few hours. Brushing your teeth right after consuming acid can eat away at the tooth since the acid eats away at the enamel.

When it is time to brush your teeth, the tooth paste that I found most efficient is using fluoride and whitening toothpaste. You get the best of both worlds, it is a two in one tooth paste and it helps speed up the process of rebuilding the enamel! My personal favorite is Sensodyne True White. The toothpaste helps my sensitive teeth, has fluoride in the paste and whitens while I am brushing. A triple threat! Do many of you feel that it is hard to get your children to brush their teeth before bed? When I was a child my parents played our favorite songs and it sure made brushing my teeth a lot more fun! From start to finish, brushing to your favorite tunes makes it a whole lot more enjoyable, less fuss on the parents, and keeps your dentist happy to see your children have clean, shiny teeth.

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